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Nutritional Supplements to children suffering from chronic illnesses like HIV

We give regular monthly Nutritional Supplements to 20 poor & needy children, who are suffering from chronic illnesses like HIV. They get the medicines free of cost from the Govt. hospital. But as they cant afford to have a good nutrition, their health is likely to get affected. So to maintain their immunity at a good level we provide them some nutrional supplements like Dates, Groundnuts, Seasame, jaggery & some legumens. Right now we are providing it to 20 selected children of Amravati district.

Educational Sponsorships to the needy & bright students to complete their education.

We give scholarships & stipends to some of the selective needy & bright students to help them to meet out their educational expenses like school/collge fees, coaching fees, educational materials like books, notebooks, school uniform, mobile/laptop as well as the hostel & the food expenses etc.

Financial help to poor patients.

We give financial help to some of the needy & poor patients towards their treatment expenses like investigations, medicines, surgery, food/travel expenses for treatment etc. Mainly for the chronic & serios illnesses like Cancer, Heart & Kidney diseases, HIV etc.

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