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Day by day the family issues are becoming more & more complex. A happy family is very much important for exploring & using the potential to fuller extent in individual’s life. Unfortunately families are disentigrating, relationships are becoming more diluted, the bonding is getting losse. All these are one of the most important factor for te dis satisfaction at the family level.

The need of a professional counselor with his unbiased opinian can help in resolving many family issues. Prayas is working in this area since last so many years. We do have a experienced & passioante family counselors on our board. We offer both the individual & the group counselling. We also conduct the workshops in the subjects like pre marriage counselling, family life education, healthy married life, concious parenting etc.


Dr. Adv. Pravin Motiwala


Retired Counselor in Family Court. Vast experience of dealing with variety of family matters.

Dr. Avinash Saoji


40 years of experience, 

Rajashree Mohod

MBA, MA Counselling & Psychotherepy

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