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Diet is one of the most important determinant of Health & Wellness. Unfortunately today’s world is suffering because of the wrong diet practices. We have the practical experience of last 40 years of working with differnt background people with regard to dietary practices. 

We can offer a proper dietary advise regarding various health issues like Weight Loss, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Attack, Autoimmune disorders etc. Right now we are running a online Diabetes Reversal, Weight Loss & Wellness Program, in which Diet is having a most important role. We prescribe Diet to the family & not to the individuals. That is the basic flaw in todays practice. 


Dr. Avinash Saoji


40 years of experience in working with tribal/rural as well as the urban community.

Dr. Jiwanlal Gandhi


55 + years of experience, dealth with 400 thousands of patients.

Rajashree Mohod

MBA, Yoga Instructor

8 years of experience as a tam member of Prayas team.

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