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Parenting is a very crucial & most important subject of concern for all of us. Unfortunately msot of the parents have no scientific training in parenting skills. So we try these on our own, as per your knowledge. Lot many times we do exacty opposite of what needs to done with our own kids. It is said that the parents are mostly responsible for making the obstacles in the growth & development of their children because of the ignorance. 

Again with the fast pace of life, changing to nuclear family structure, both parents dont have much time for their kids as they both are working, too much of pampering, excessive exposure to screen, removing most of the challenges from the lives of the children, all these factors are responsible in various issues seen in todays children. For which parents need to learn some of the basic parenting skills & update their knowledge. 


Dr. Avinash Saoji


40 years of experience in child/parents related activities about health, education, child & youth development, training etc.

Rajashree Mohod

MBA, MA Counselling & Psychotherepy

Devyani/Manoj Govindvar

A committed couple involved in child education, parent education & counselling

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