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Health is one of the most important but mostly neglected area of human life. We get to know the inportance of health only when it is shattered. Health is defined by WHO as the equillibrium in the four dimensions of physical, emotional, social & spiritual health. Health can be maintained by leading a healthy lifestyle only and not by any pills or procedures. Healthy lifestyle is a simple way of living, more close to nature, taking care of proper Ahara-Vihara, Achara-Vichara. 

As we have developed to more civilized society, we are going away from the nature day by day. Our food has changed all together, more of the processed & junk unhealthy food. Our physical activites have been diminished to a larger extent because of our sedentary lifestyle & too much of luxaries due to technology & scientific evolution. The stress level is increased from the beginning of human life, siince childhood only. The family structure is disrupting to a large extent, the family & social support system is  


Dr. Avinash Saoji


40 years of experience

Dr. Jeewanlal Gandhi


55 + years of experience in the field of wellness

Dr. Apar Saoji

BNYS, PhD Yoga

15 years of experience in the field of nature cure & yoga.

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