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What do we do in the program

Diabetes & most of the chronic diseases can be reversed by adopting a healthy life-style. 

In this 8 weeks online program, we help the participants to learn & do the necessary changes in their lifestyle. Basically this is a journey from illness to wellness, Disease reversal is the by-product of it. All this is done under the guidance of domain experts. 

You will be doing it sitting at your home only. 

We have observed reversal of most of the lifestyle illnesses like high diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, hypo-thyroid, obesity, acidity, migraine, arthritis, Auto immune disorders & many others. 

Also you will get to know about What, How & Why about these lifestyle illnesses. We talk & work on the root causes of the chronic diseases like Insulin Resistance, Inflammation, Hyper/altered Immune Response, Oxidative Stress, the Psychological factors & how to manage all these. 

Program Structure : 8 weekly interactive live sessions of 2 hours duration on zoom + 4 monthly Follow up sessions.

Session Plan for 8 weeks : (Participant’s sharing & followup will be a part of all the sessions)

Session 1 : Intro of the PRAYAS Team & Particpants, Overview of the program, Success stories, Diet Plan & Eating Habits protocol.

Session 2 : Patho-physiology/root causes of Diabetes, Obesity & other lifestyle diseases, Scientific analysis of the Diet Plan.

Session 3 : basics about food from modern & ancient science perspective.

Session 4 : Mindful Eating- philosophy & practice.

Session 5 : Role of Exercises in wellness & disease reversal, exercise plan.

Session 6 : Yoga – philosophy & science.

Session 7 : Stress/Emotions & Mind Management.

Session 8 : Going beyond Reversal, Purpose of Life, Wellness & Meningful Living.

WhatsApp group of all the participants, for sharing experiences, observations, doubts, practices etc.

One on one consultation with Doctor at the beginning. Support from our expert team in monitoring your blood sugar & other parameters & adjusting the doses of medicines you are taking. 

6 days yoga practice session

4 monthly followup sessions. (For Indian Batches only)

How it can change your life

Who all can attend

Anyone who is having Diabates & other lifestyle illnesses like High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, HypoThyroid, Obesity, Acidity. Arthrits, Asthama, Auto Immune Disorders  etc. along with their family members. Also anyone who don’t have any disease right now, but wants to remain healthy in future/wants to learn about Healthy Life style.

At present there are 3 Indian Hindi batches & 2 English US/International batches are going on. The Indian batches are held on every Friday evening, Saturday evening & Sunday afternoon. The english batches are held on Sunday morning & evening.

How Prayas has changed
lives of 1000+ Families.
simply by healthy diet, exercises & Yoga and stress/mind management.

Our Team

A team of experts from differnt disciplines Medicine, Yoga & Naturopathy, Nutrition, Ayurved, Psychology

Success Stories

Upcoming Batches

Diabetes Reversal, Weight Loss & Wellness Program (DRWP)

Online | USA 16 th Batch from 1 May Sunday morning 6-8 AM

17 th Batch | From 29 th MAY 2022 Sunday evening 7-9 pm.

Diabetes Reversal, Weight Loss & Wellness Program (DRWP)

Online Indian batch | Hindi | 
35 th From 15 May, Sunday afternoon 2-4
36 th from 03 rd June 2022 Friday evening 7-9
37 th from 18 June Saturday evening 7-9 pm

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