About us

Prayas will be completing 25 years of journey by 2019. We express our deep hearted gratitude for all your support & being with us in all respects. Expecting similar support in all our future endeavours also.

We are launching many new initiatives at this juncture. One is the online platform “WISDOM Bank” to share the consolidated/crystallized knowledge & wisdom out of living experiences of many Legends & Mentors associated with us, so that everybody need not reinvent the wheels again.


We were discussing with Dr.Avinash Saoji Sir (Founder, Prayas) by one late evening while he was in Pune. He was explaining the need of social entrepreneurship and its building blocks starting from ‘Idea Generation’ to ‘Incorporation’. During this discussion, he particularly mentioned some useful references, like ‘How to get ideas’ by Jack Foster, ‘Discovering your sweet spot’ by Rajiv Vij and ‘Jagriti Yatra - 15 days train journey covering 8000km across the length and breadth of India to understand smaller towns and villages through enterprise. It’s an opportunity to meet social and business entrepreneurs of the country and to know their journey’.

On putting a conscious thought upon it, we felt quite privileged to have source of information readily available to us. Thus, we have decided to build a platform from where this information will not remain restricted to a few, but will reach to the masses.


The sole purpose of this platform will be to spread positive and useful information (must read Books, Articles, Social Events, Blogs, etc.) across the society at large. This is very important in the era where fake and negative news are hijacking our minds and distracting us from our better future.

The stakeholders of platform include mentors and public at large. Mentors will be recognized and well-known personalities, by their profession and work.

How to View/ subscribe the platform:

Go to website http://www.prayasngo.net then click on link called “WISDOM Bank”. The platform link can also be access from mobile device, you can use add shortcut option and the web app will get saved on your mobile home page.

For any query related to subscribing the platform you can directly call on 8007992875 or you can write us email on wisdombank@prayasngo.net