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“PRAYAS-Sevankur Bhavan” at Amravati

Since its inception in 1994, Prayas focus has always been on community based activities. During this period, we have reached out to lakhs of youth, children and adults, by various activities.We have completed construction & shifted to our own 5-storied multipurpose premises of “Prayas-Sevankur Bhavan” (appro. 12500 sq. feet). It is situated in a very convenient & easily accessible, centrally located place in Amravati city. It acts as the head quarter of all Prayas-Sevankur activities, as well it acts as the umbrella organization for the new startups in social sector.
The main uses of the Bhavan will be for :
  1. 24 hours open library with study room facility for the students who don’t have the facility & atmosphere at their homes.
  2. Hostel facility for the needy & deserving students.
  3. Residential & non-residential training/workshops for children, youths & adults regarding various life skills, healthy living, competitive exams, support classes, parenting, employability skills etc.
  4. Counseling & consoling for child development, parenting, educational, marriage, career, health & nutrition, yoga & exercise
  5. It will act as the recharging/motivational station. It will help people in washing out the negativities of life & regain the lost faith & confidence.
  6. Resource center to promote voluntarism & social change.

We still need around Rs. 20 Lacs to equip this as the world class training center with simplicity in living but with all advanced learning facilities. Earnestly appeal to you to donate generously and also urge all your friends to do the same. A/c. Payee cheques can be deposited in any of the following bank accounts of Prayas. (Pl. draw in favor of ‘Prayas’ for Union Bank & ‘Prayas Chandur Bazar’ for SBI & ICICI bank A/c.) Donations to Prayas are entitled to 50% tax exemption.

Prayas Sevakur