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Sevankur Little Champs:

People do the most amazing things for the causes they love. Here we've handpicked some of the best. Do you know someone that's doing something amazing for a charity that we should feature? Get in touch.

 Rani (Latur)

A brave young girl struggling with HIV, was living in Sevalaya, Hasegaon of Latur district of Maharashtra. She started participating in our programs, when she was in 8 th standards. She used to narrate her own story. Her father died when she was a young baby. Then mother also passed away soon after. She became a neglected & unwanted child for al. She gets frustrated, attempted suicide, ultimately sent to the Sevalaya by relatives. She had taken the responsibility of all the 35 HIV kids younger than her, taking all the care as an elder sister. She used to ask the audience that we all have to take handful of pills everyday just to keep ourselves alive. Still we want to learn, to sing, and to dance. We are trying hard to live everyday happily & you attempt for suicides or get frustrated just because of the trivial like the parental anger, some failures of life; So please don't do that. Her question used to make the audience think upon & reflect back. It was so powerful & inspiring message that they get motivated. Now Rani has completed her education, got married, had given a birth of a normal baby & living happily with her family.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Tejas (Jalgaon)                                                     Tejas from Jalgaon lost his eyesight when he was around 8-9 years old. It was a major shock for him & family. But he came out of that, educated up-to X th standard in a normal school with topper rank. Scored 85% in X th, completed XII with good marks. Music helped him to come out of the shock. He developed singing, & opted music for his graduation. He also had kept a goal of becoming an IAS officer along with a known playback singer. Unfortunately he suffered from Dengue & left this world in a short span of illness in Oct. 2016. He was a very pleasant & soft hearted personality & a very good singer. He will remain as an inspiration to all of us forever.


Chetan Uchitkar (Washim)

      Chetan Uchitkar a seven years old boy with his knack of giving voice to word, a blind by birth, gave more than 300 speecheson Female Foeticide, Eye Donation, Dowry, Education in various colleges, schools, conferences,and institutions. He stood first in his regular school. He is   well know for his mind blowing speeches and being a Brand Ambassador of Washim Eye Donation Campaign, distributed more than 60 solar lamps accompanied with his ather Pandurang Uchitkar lives in a village Keketumra of Washim

Paneri Pasad (Amravati)



       Shadab Rangrej (Pune)                                                                                               A man with a vision to empower others always. A boy in 20's wandering and gathering useful information about Blinds and continuously strive for the upliftment of their status in the society. Awarded with Dr. Hellen Keller Award by Rehabilitation Council of India and Lui Braille Award by Asian Blind Union (India), he is counselling hundreds of cases of visually Challenged at Pune in Institute for Psychological Health and Women Liberation Organization of Maharashtra. He is skilled professional of teaching "Brail Language" for sighted people.


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