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Caring Friends



Arpan Foundation


Arpan Foundation is all about a power of a thought. A thought, to make a difference in our own life while serving others. Our goal is to serve humanity with total indifference to caste, creed, community, religion, language or region. The very first project, a Blood Bank, 1984 started under the auspices of ‘Arpan’ with active participation of family and friends. The blood bank was second only to Red Cross in size and operation. It was followed by an Eye Bank, collecting eyeballs from deceased human beings. It collects about 600 eyeballs every year. Late Dr. A.M. Pai, a pathologist / philanthropist (Mumbai, India) was the inspiration of Arpan Foundation. Since migrating to USA, the playing field changed, so now, ARPAN is coming back as a registered charitable organization under section 501(C)3. Federal Tax ID# 20-5593243.

Stichting Geron





Stichting Geron is a Dutch foundation supporting projects in India. Stichting Geron was founded in 1995 by Dr Nico Nobel. The kind of support differs between the various NGO’s. The aim is to help the NGO to develop itself, its workers and beneficiaries, get locally imbedded, and become non dependent from Stichting Geron on the long run. It is important to bring like minded people in contact with each other, so they can share and learn from each others experiences.

The Force behind the Vision - Mr. Rameshbhai Kacholia


Mr. Rameshbhai Kacholia founded Caring Friends in 2002. He is the driving force behind this organisation. Rising from a modest background, Uncle (as Mr. Ramesh Kacholia is fondly called by all his associates, volunteers, friends and well-wishers) overcame multiple obstacles to establish himself as a respected professional with reputed companies. His deep love for humanity and boundless compassion for the under-privileged regularly led him to social work from an early age. The turning point in his life happened in 1981. Deeply moved after reading an article on Baba Amte’s Maharogi Sewa Samiti , he visited “Anandwan” and life was never the same again. With time, Baba Amte became his mentor and treated him like his son. From being a self-appointed Ambassador for MSS, he began helping many other outstanding, but relatively unknown social institutions with the active encouragement of Baba. In 2002, Ramesh Uncle finally gave up all his business responsibilities to engage fully into social work and to utilize all his expertise and knowledge and leverage upon his strong network of contacts for the benefit of society.

The Force behind the Implementation - Nimesh Bhai Sumati


Mr. Nimeshbhai Sumati , is Nimeshbhai to everyone in the Caring Friends Family. He has spearheaded the growth of the organisation since 2005. His main focus is on " QUALITY " and to strengthen the organisational fundamentals. A keen social entrepreneur, he recognizes a social problem and undertakes painstaking research and background checks to identify a credible and efficient social organization in that space for ‘Caring Friends’ to support, nurture and grow. He is very passionate about visiting all CF associated organisations in different states in India on a regular basis for continuous evaluation, many time with new potential donors and supporters. Nimesh is working to build a solid team to take the ‘Caring Friends’ platform to a truly national level

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