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Helping KIDNEY Patients:

We are working with the Dialysis Unit of Govt. SuperSpeciality Hospital, Amravati. since Jan. 2018. Most of the patients coming for Dialysis are from low socio-economic background. Many of them has to undergo Dialysis twicw a week & it is for lifelong period. Though the treatment is completely free, many of them just ca't afford the travel expenses from their place to Amravati for 8-10 times every month. It may cost them nearly 2000-6000 Rs. every month, which is beyond their reach. So we are helping some selected patients for their one month travel expenses incurred for undergoing Dialysis. This is usually one time financial help.

We are also working towards training them regarding the lifestyle required for the health of Kidneys. We teach them regarding the diet, exercises, yoga, meditation. Most of them are frustrated & depressed. So try to boost up their mrale by individual & group conseling. We try to built up their confidence level.

We have organized one free residential training camp at PRAYAS for 8 days for the kidney patients & their caretakers. 15 patients participated in this camp with their caretakers. We have teach them all the things with practicals & then asked to continue at their homes. We have observed wonderful results of the camp. The predialysis discomfort, the urgency of undergoing dialysis has dramatically reduced. There was some improvement in the daily urine output in some patients.

We are going to organiza such training camps on regular basis.


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